Tuesday, May 26, 2009

HEY !i'm DEANA.u can keep calling me on that name..because i like that name..im going to be 8teen in this august oke..so...give me present..hahaha..in this 28 i;m going to continue my study in TECHNOLOGY PARK MAS COLLAGE in BUSINESS STUDIES..so wish me luck there..hoho..i'm a shopaholic..i like to spend money to something that pretty cool,just like handbags,high heels,bikini,dress,teddy bear..hahaha..the person that be my mate KOMPEM BANKRUP..hahaha..but its me..no body can change it..i addict to music..dont think to much on what genre..love nite life..i dont even care what peolpe say because nobody can STOP what i like to do oke !dont u dare to make my life get mess,because i will let u down by the hook !just be cool and i will love u oke..its simple..i love to know new fwen because to me,frenz is eveything..be my fwen i will make u happy as u make me happy oke..ok,that all here..see u in the other part yea..mwahxx !

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