Sunday, March 6, 2011

make your own choice (:

oke , just wanna make a short entry , macam tertibe je rase macam ayat ni betul jersss .

" if u have to choose the one u already in a relationship and the one you just fall in love with , just pick the one that u just fall in love , because , if you love the person that u used to love with , u will never fall in love with someone else "

nampak macam ayat ni ade betul nya kan ? kalau kite sayang dekat orang yang kite dah sayang bertahun tahun , tak kan lah kita boleh sayang + cinta dekat orang lain kan kan ? *siyes je nak tanye tanye orang*

but then , think it back guys ! if u choose the one that u just mate and not so get into her/his life , why u should gamble to give what u got ? don't you ever remember your most lovely moment together ? *if u have* pfttttt !

so the decision is yours . once u make a decision , be firm and hoping everything will be just fine as u wish (:

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