Tuesday, December 1, 2009

auwcakkk auwcakkk !
ngee .
update time .!
2day not so much to say. .
aty cday + gwam !
nth gwam ngn cpew pown ta taw lewp . haha
tp mmg gwam !
blew da gwam , ea menjdi lg gwam,
blew ea jd lg gwam , haaa , kn da gwam gwam lg .
knpe msty gwam pown ta taw larrr ,'
smkin gwam blew aty neyh gwam .
hahahahahaha .
bpew byk gwam pown ta taw larr .
haha .
mm , cmnew na ctew yea .
myb ta gwam sbna nyew, tp cday .
ayokkk .!
newy , its all bout heart .
i just thinx dat life is so complicated.
its cmplicated b'coz what we had feel, is so hard to express thru expression.
kite knew pkir aty owg kn.
susa ooo .
kite jewp maw pkir aty owg , aty kite cmnew plak yekk .
adehh .
blew pkir pkir ,
i always give a tips to my bestie when she have problems n whatsoever,
but when i on that situation ,
ayokkk .
jd cm blurr .
cmnew na wt yea ??
pning pning .
pusing pusing da .
its to hard to feel the happiness in a long term time ?
if dpt kn besh !
haaa .
myb its ridiculous but, if can . .mm .
slalu gk ku pkir pkir .
ta matang lg ka anak pacik zul neyh .
hoho .
blew tnyew kt diri sniwi mmg lorr ta taw na jwb kn .
nut most of the peeps yg ku da pena tnyew .
diowg ckp , ku neyh cm dak tcik , tp kdg kdg matamg juge .
ayooo , pning .
ahaha .
tah mcnew larr tuh kn .
haha .
oke larr c u all in the other post oke (=

(29 november 09)

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