Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I need you..

i want to be with you,

but your millions of miles away,

i wish we could talk,

so i could tell you bout my day,

it would make things so much better if i could hear your voice,

when you come back,

i’ll hug and kiss you rejoice,

i wish i could hold you near and look into your eyes,

i promise i will be true and never tell you lies,

to you,i give the key to my heart and soul,

hoping you will never abuse it,

the rest of my life,i promise myself i ,

will love you first.genuinely,

i promise that i’ll do anything that you want,

and be by your side forever,

i miss you seen you been away,

no body know how much its hurt to be missing you,

baby..i missing you,

its so hard to go get sleep while not having you by my side,

i sit and listen to the song that remind me of you and cry,

i stay awake at night as the tears roll down my face,

they keep going until they fall and hit my pillow case,

i can’t wait till the day i can see you,

and be in your arm,so, i can tell you that i love you,

you’re the one that all i want,

no body can take it from me,

don’t ever leave me,

because i got a lot of love that i wanna show you,

take me close to your heart..

boy i need your love..

baby i need your love..

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