Tuesday, July 7, 2009


you are my first love ,you are my everything, you have make my life became wonderful , you teach me what is the meaning of missing you .i never thought bad thing will happen between you and me . because we always be together and the happiest couple ever . but it is happen because of the mistake . can you give me a reason why u do so . don’t you never love me for just a little bit . don’t you never think about my feeling . don’t i ever have in your heart for just a pieces . i always be true on u . i never tell you lie . u ask me to do so, i do it for you . everything that i do , i keep thinking of you . although , u have doing this to me . i still appreciate you as a friends , because , you are the one whom change me to the better person . and you make me became more mature . for what u have don’t , i just think that after this , i can choose the better person for fulfil my life . our moment i will never forget , because you are my first love , but i will try to forget it . because i know that u never have think about me . what u have done to me , i will never forget till my last breath . hope , u will happy on what u are doing now . but , im just wishing that u will stop doing that . it such a jerk . i let you go . but not by peace . im sorry .

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